The Rise of Heretics Series

The chosen way of life as dictated by the High Priest tells people how to live. But there are heretics who want to choose their own way of life. They are called ‘Demons’.

Sathra was once a priestess in training. But she left home and spent twelve years as a mercenary, killing for a profit. Her life takes a major turn when she finds herself married to a former enemy and then the High Priest suddenly demands that she return to the land of her birth. Sathra thought she was an ordinary woman in tune to the spiritual world. But a greater destiny awaits her…

When she finds the meaning of her existence, she will have to decide to accept her fate or take a stand with the Demons and fight for the right to live.

For now, just the comparison to the original chapter 1 and the new revision:

Chapter 1 (Original Version)

Chapter 1 (Revision)

Chapter 2 (Revision)

Copyright Information: The Rise of Heretics Series belongs to Sorceress Myst, also known as Marjorie Shaheen. Reproducing and making a profit on this work is forbidden. Fan works are allowed with the consent of the author (just ask me, please).


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