For the Prosperity of Aquor

When Nel set out to rescue her subordinates, she didn’t anticipate becoming intimate with the Black Brigade Captain as a result. Now she must figure out her feelings while honoring her father’s legacy. AlNel, hint of Cliff/Mirage, one sided Fayt/Albel, eventual Fayt/Albel friendship, and Fayt/Astor…and implied Clair/Kimmel *cough*.

This story will have adult scenes in the form of Albel and Nel having a ‘one sided romance’/’friends with benefits’ kind of relationship that will eventually turn into a full romantic (but not fluffy romantic) relationship.

This was formerly a group project where every chapter is written by a different author, but only one other person wrote another chapter. I’m continuing this story on my own. So with the exception of chapter 2, which was written by Lorelai Kline, the rest of the writing is mine. I’m in the process of editing chapter 2 and if I obtain her permission, I will post it with the rest of the chapters.

Also, I would like to thank BlueRyu for reading over the story and for being a strict grammar nazi. Without her, the story could’ve been filled with inconsistencies and other silly errors that I wouldn’t have noticed. I also want to thank Skyraptor66 for debating and sharing theories with me and for being a huge Clair fan who likes my OC Kimmel. Finally, I’d like to add an extra thanks to Carlymck97 for reading through and giving opinions.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Ocean 3 or any of its characters. I am not making any money off this. I only own the writing (save for most of chapter 2).

The password to view the adult chapters is: alnelaquor

By inputting the password and viewing the chapters, you agree that you are either 18 or older, or mature enough to handle adult content. You have been warned.

To the First Chapter


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