Fatesbane Image Links

For those who want to see my drawings and digital paintings of the characters of the Fatesbane series, I’ve decided to group together the links and categorize them. They’re currently stored on my art account on deviantART.

Character Concept Art: Dantia, Cegil (younger version), Satel

Clothing sketches: Tia’s Lord of the Sea Attire (book 3), Tia’s Pirate Dress (book 3, chapter 6), Satel’s Seafarer Outfit (book 3, chapter 6), Tia’s Coat and Weapons, Tia’s ‘Date’ Outfit (book 3, chapter 15), Tia’s Ballgown (book 3, chapter 17), Satel’s Birthday Attire (book 3, chapter 17), Elati’s Wrath (book 3, chapter 24), Sea Lord (book 3, chapter 24)

Chapter Illustrations of Falucite Bride: Wasn’t Expecting That… (chapter 3), Sexy Satel (chapter 20)

Cover Art: The Living Legend (book 2), Family Portrait (book 3), The Pirate and the Falucite (Falling the Hard Way)

Random pictures: Map of Mi’ahus, The Early DaysCome With Me, Lords of the Sea, and Private Time

Maps: The Continent of Orja, The Continent of Rynrir, and The Continent of Kagma


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