Topsy Turvy

A silly little gender bend fic where Albel and Nel’s genders and some of their personalities are switched. There is a drawing of this on my deviantART page if you’re interested.

Facts about this story (to help you understand the world):

Everyone in Elicoor II is the opposite gender

Albel and Nel’s personalities are partially mixed (Albel has Nel’s work-a-holic tendencies and Nel has his possessive nature and love for battle)

Aquaria retains their runologists and religion and is invading Airyglyph

Airyglyph still has dragons and forbids the practice of Aquarian religion

The first attack nearly destroyed Kirlsa

Aquaria is ruled by a king and has the three brigades (except the Dragon Brigade is now the Runology Brigade)

Airyglyph is ruled by a queen and has the same factions as the original Aquaria (Shield Legion, Secret Legion, Spectral Legion, ect…)

Vox and Albel are Crimson Blades and Shelby and Demetrio are Albel’s subordinates

Duchess Vox and her second in command ‘Schweimy’ are references to Anarchy Sky’s ‘The Black Brigade Theatrical Troupe’

Nel is the captain of the Black Brigade, with Farleen as his second in command

Clair is the captain of the Runology Brigade, with Tynave as his second in command

Lady Adray is the captain of the Storm Brigade (no known second in command)

Albel’s mother sacrificed herself to save her daughter during the failed Ascension of the Flame

Nel’s mother was killed by Countess Woltar

Upon first writing this, Folstar was supposed to be the sun god and Apris the god of the underworld, but having Aquaria worship Folstar as the underworld god is better (meaning Nel and all Aquarians are ‘evil’)

I’m STILL laughing at this

And if you want a REAL nightmare, try imagining Duke Clair’s mother, Lady Adray (muscled woman wearing nothing but a long kilt and a breastplate)

To the Fanfic


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