Fatesbane Requests

I was the scourge of the five seas- a villain designed to be hated. On top of that I was a mother to a reincarnation of a legendary asshole, and mate to a man going through an aggressive horny phase. Stress doesn’t even BEGIN to describe me.

This was my little ‘April Fools’ for everyone, and an excuse to use the above summary. Since Lords of the Sea wasn’t supposed to be a comedy, I couldn’t use a summary that implied that it should be. But it was too good to just throw away.

But now this will house all requests made by the fans. The first chapter will remain, and it has been edited to fit with the timeline it’s set in.

1. Telling Her Mate

2. Request 1: Stolen Clothes – the prompt for this is ‘Early days of marriage: Satel steals all of Tia’s clothes which ensues for…interesting moments around the room (who knew finding sitting positions in which to eat dinner could be difficult?).’ I’m not sure if I did get this to the letter, but Satel stole clothes, she felt awkward, and they did the naughty. It didn’t occur to me until I was finished with this one that I could have set it shortly after book two, were it would still be ‘early marriage’, but book 1 Tia’s shyness is rather cute. The password to view this is : moaghos

3. Request 2: Baby Names – the prompt for this one is ‘Satel and Tia talk about children names and argue about them.’ It’s not much of an argument, but it does reveal a fear of Tia’s.

4. Request 3: Shotgun Wedding – prompt is ‘Tia and Satel go to the beach. Has to include pineapples, ski goggles and the phrase (which can be slightly modified in order to suit context): “That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me!”.’ This was a little tough due to the world they live in. I had to change a few things like the type of goggles and the name of pineapples. Other than that, this story features Pappy and shows how he and Satel gets along.

5. Request 4: Tia’s Pregnancy – This is a request from rozalicious678 on fictionpress. She asked me ‘Can you write the whole experience of Tia’s pregnancy i.e. from day one till the day the baby is born?’. So here is my answer. Please note that the baby’s sex will not be mentioned at the end. It’ll be referred to as an ‘it’ because I don’t want to officially say if they get a son or daughter. I’ll leave that up to reader’s imagination.


One thought on “Fatesbane Requests

  1. Liquid Light says:

    Do you still take requests? If so is it on this page? Cuz if im not too late , what about one in pappy’s pov , ive always wondered what goes on in his head and what he makes of the other characters , like satels family and the new crew!

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