Fatesbane: Falling the Hard Way

Satel had no trouble falling for me, but it took three months, two dates, one illness, and many unwanted moments before the feeling was mutual.

This is a short four chapter story that takes place between books one and two. It describes Dantia’s struggle in adapting to her new life and accepting her feelings for Satel. Since she never did figure out her feelings for Satel by the end of The Falucite Bride, I decided to make this side arc just to explain how she came to love him by The Living Legend.

Much of this story has been hinted in book two, and there are some elements mentioned here that have yet to make an appearance in the main story. There’s nothing that will spoil books two and three, though.

There are no warnings for this arc- only an implied sex scene in later chapters. I will not be making an adult version as there will soon be an adult one-shot out that takes place around the time frame of the third book.

Fatesbane: Falling the Hard Way and the entire Fatesbane series is the sole property of Sorceress Myst, also known as Marjorie Shaheen. Copying this work without the written consent of the author is forbidden. Seriously guys, if you want to write a fanfic or draw a picture based on this work, just ask!

To the First Chapter


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