Some Difficulties

Edit: I’m currently trying to upload chapter 16 to fictionpress, but I keep getting an error no matter what I do. The only thing I can do right now is report it and hope they fix the problem fast. Sorry for anyone who’d rather read the cleaner version. Just be a little more patient and I’ll get it out as soon as I can.

Chapter 16 of Lords is up. It’s password protected and it finally reveals what’s wrong with Satel. There’s actually not that much mature stuff going on in the chapter, as most of the scene is kissing and adult-type touching. But there IS a paragraph or two not suited for younger readers, and it’s one of the major clues about Satel. So the scene is plot necessary, meaning that I have to take care when writing the edited version for the younger readers.

Because of that, the fictionpress update won’t be coming tonight. My beta needs to read over that part one more time to make sure it’s passable enough for fictionpress’ standards. But all you older readers may get the first glimpse of it right now. Once I finally get that chapter up over there, I’m going to need to take a break for Easter. I actually observe Pascha, and it involves a lot more than multi-colored, candy filled plastic eggs… Well actually we get red colored boiled eggs, but that’s beside the point. I need the time off because I make the food for the feast and there are a few dishes that take up to three days to make, so I’m going to be very busy soon. No time for writing.

But, when I come back, the next chapter will have two more sketches accompanying it. I had to design the formal attire Satel and Tia will wear to the ball, so I’ll have it colored in and up when I get back.

PASSWORD LINKS – For the Prosperity of Aquor and Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride, The Living Legend, and Lords of the Sea

NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS – To view the stories, hover over ‘fanfiction’ or ‘originals’, then over the story you want to read. The chapters should appear beside the title. Each chapter has a link to the next one at the end and if you want to return to the homepage, simply click on the header picture. For any chapters that require a password, you can find the password in the title page of the story.


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