Chapter 15 of Lords is finally up, and I have a colored sketch that illustrates the outfit Tia wears in this one. Beware, there’s a fight in this one, but it’ll end well enough.

Soooo…. did anyone like my April Fools story? There IS a story there, or did everyone click back when they saw the April Fools part? XD

Due to the fact that by the end of book 3, Satel and Tia will be a little different, that one-shot, while cute and fluffy, is an alternate reality. This is because I had them act in the way they’re currently acting as of chapter 15. I don’t mean their personalities this time, but appearances, habits, and mannerisms. But at least I had an excuse to use that joke summary I had to reject when making one for book 3. It was too good to throw away, so I saved it for the occasion.

As for the next chapter, it will finally reveal what’s wrong with Satel, though I imagine a lot of you can already guess by the clues as to what it is. Also, there will be an adult scene. 😀

See ya next week!

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8 thoughts on “Aww…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, it’s Skyraptor. Haven’t heard from you in a while. How’s it going?

    • Oh hey you! I was thinking about you recently- ironically it was because of a mention of Hannibal and the whole ‘Hello Clarice’ line. I’m doing okay, if not a little stressed with the coming holiday. How about you? Back in the Star Ocean fandom? Did you see my new AlNel + Adray fanart? 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I need to go through your stuff. I’m post-graduate and doing horrible adult living things like jobs, while also living with nerds who enjoy tabletop RPGs as much as I do. I haven’t played SO3 in a bit, but Clair’s still a fave, along with the Nelpher. I sometimes look back on that old fic of mine and think about finishing it, but there’s at least one problem: I’ve been a dude for two years now, have a beard in the works, and my new legal name is…you guessed it, Logan. (I chose it for the fic because it was a favorite name.) So the thing is now accidentally a self insert of sorts.

    I need to go find that fanart now.

    • That’s great news (I think?)! I’m not sure if you’re thrilled about your horrible adult living things or the nerds you live with, but at least you’re comfortable in your own skin now, right? And though you’re Logan now, that doesn’t mean you’re the same Logan in your story. It’s more like you’ve been inspired by your own creation, rather than having a (now) self-insert. Everyone respected you before when you put your own feelings into your work, so I doubt anyone would be upset that you now share the same name as the protagonist.

      Besides, the fic!Logan at least fits in with the world, where as the self-inserts that most don’t like are modern people thrust into the story and act out in unbelievable ways. And never forget- Kimmel will always be jealous of that Logan because he had Clair first. XD

      To make it easier for you, here’s the link to that fanart:

      Adray the Oblivious AlNel Shipper is a perfect alternate title for it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The nerds, good. The job, good. Being adult…eh, but oh well. It helps me pay for rent and, more importantly, tattoos.

    I’ve always wondered how Futile Devices would’ve gone if I’d finished all of it, aside from the ending chapter. Probably the same. I would need to revise a lot of the writing, though. And there are literally Kimmels all over this city, if only in last name, so I’m constantly reminded of the OC.

    I’ve actually really gotten into the Drakengard fandom lately. Ever played it?

    (Also that pic is fucking hilarious.)

    • I have played the first few hours of the first game… wait, is there another game? I thought I’d heard of a sequel. Well anyway I did like it, though I kept going back to fight the same mission and discovering new weapons and stuff, and then one day I stopped playing and never picked it up again. I’m not sure why, since I didn’t think anything bad of it. Maybe I should try again and see how far I’d get this time.

      One of these days when I get some extra free time, I want to draw a Logan/Clair pic and a Kimmel/Clair pic. I need an idea of a theme or something though- I don’t think ‘fluffy romance’ fits either one. Then again, it doesn’t fit Albel and Nel either, so I shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s a sequel, but it’s vastly more boring in regards to story, even though the gameplay has improved. If anything, most people play the first game (and now Neir and Drakengard 3) for how batshit insane it becomes. Like, really. Giant cannibal space babies.

    Haha, the theme of sorts that comes to mind for Logan might as well be the album that partially spawned him–Black Sheep Boy by Okkervil River. Given the album is a lot of dark, raw melodrama about failed relationships and unrequited love, there’s probably a lot of Kimmel there too. Maybe in “A Stone.” And “A King and Queen” is pretty sweet and sad and maybe a little scary if you think about it too much. (“For Real” is my favorite, but if it sounds like anyone, it’s Albel.) Like the character Logan, that album has become almost too obnoxiously relevant to my life–in fact, I’m getting a tattoo of the artwork from it finished this week. But then I have this thing for depressing folk rock. The same band also has a song from a different album called “Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe” that’s relevant to fic Logan. I recommend listening to that one first, because it’s probably the catchiest.

    • I need to look up those songs. I’m not completely a metal fan, but (save for country music) I tend to like a lot of kinds.

      I just discovered on the Star Ocean group on dA that SO3 reached its ten year anniversary. I feel like I should draw something for it, but I can’t think of what. Though I’d rather draw the Elicoorians, SO3 was unfortunately more about Fayt, his ‘sista’ army, and Cliff. If I ever have the time, maybe I should do three kinds- one with the offworlders, one with the Elicoorians, and one with the 4D peoples.

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