Aaaannnd…We’re Back

Chapter 5 of Lords is up, plot checked, but still with minor errors. Chapter 4 is also still in line for a full check, too.

I’m mentioning this on fictionpress, but I’ll say it here, too, so there’s no confusion. Tia’s identifiers for Rutan (the ‘my son’ thing) was never meant to mean anything more than that he’s Tia’s son. It’s part of the narration deal where Tia claims everything as hers (like ‘my mate’ and ‘my quartermaster’), and it’s interchanged with physical descriptors and names when mentioning someone so as to avoid repetition. I’m not trying to insinuate anything- Tia’s not acting like Satel can’t be a father or that they can’t get along- the only thing mentioned is that Satel’s not as close to Rutan as before, but that’s only something minor- and nothing will come of it.

Even if Satel and Tia have a child together, she’ll still say ‘my child’, unless Satel is part of the context. She’ll also say ‘ours’ in dialog- and she’ll introduce Rutan as ‘ours’ should there ever be a situation where she’s introducing both Satel and Rutan to someone. So yeah, ‘my son’ is nothing more than Tia identifying a child that is also related to her by blood. That’s all.

And also, to a lesser extent, I have something to say about Rutan- he won’t be annoying for long, and he has a reason behind his need for attention. But he is still a child- and an incarnation of a legendary ass, so not many would think he’s cute. Rutan is the type that only people like Satel, Maetira, Tia, and most other jaded, sarcastic, or sadistic pirates would find downright adorable. And don’t dismiss his ‘interrupting’ moments as something annoying- what he’s doing is actually very good for Tia, though his later involvement in keeping her focused will involve less of a conscious effort and more of simply being in the wrong place at the right time.

So that’s the story behind that. Enjoy the chapter. 😀

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2 thoughts on “Aaaannnd…We’re Back

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter. It was awesome!

    How long will it be until we find out what’s going on with Satel?

    • Well there’s a lot going on with Satel- one of the problems will be revealed soon, but the rest will be hinted throughout the story. It’ll be a while before Tia ever figures it out. 😀

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