Here at Last!

The first chapter of a new short story, Fatesbane: Falling the Hard Way has been posted. This will have four chapters and it’s already complete- the only problem is that only the first chapter has been edited and that’s all I’m willing to post for now. The next chapters will come up as soon as my beta has time to glance over them, and as soon as we agree on the corrections. This process can take up to a few days to a week, but the story will be completely up eventually.

The other reason this took so long to post was because I wanted to make cover art for the fictionpress version. I finally finished that today and here it is – The Pirate and the Falucite. Yeah …it’s named differently from the story.

Anyway I already explained what this story is about, so go read and be happy. I also have an adult one-shot in the works that will take place in the book three time frame. There’s no plot to it, so I can safely post it before I get around to posting Lords of the Sea. I’m hoping to get it done by next week, and since it’s an adult fiction, it’ll likely go through faster with the beta. XD

As for book three, I’m still only three fourths done with the first chapter, but once the smaller projects are done, I can pick it back up and resume by next month. Happy reading everyone!

PASSWORD LINKS – For the Prosperity of Aquor and Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride and The Living Legend

NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS – To view the stories, hover over ‘fanfiction’ or ‘originals’, then over the story you want to read. The chapters should appear beside the title. Each chapter has a link to the next one at the end and if you want to return to the homepage, simply click on the header picture. For any chapters that require a password, you can find the password in the title page of the story.


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