Things to Come

I’m currently going through a terrible Internet problem (…again), but it seems I have a good connection today to at least give a little update. I have started the first chapter of the next book, but I didn’t get far when inspiration hit me.

Ever wonder what happened in those three years between Falucite Bride and Living Legend? While the first book ended on good terms, Tia isn’t exactly the type of person to accept and adapt so easily. So I decided to write a one-shot, or even a two to three chapter short story to tell exactly how Tia came to love Satel by book two. This one’s going to be pretty fluffy and filled with annoying amounts of denial from Tia and stubbornness from both sides. XD

I’m probably doing this just to balance out all the darkness I’ve been planning for book three. While Tia’s not going back to her ‘hatred of humans’ phase, she does end up pretty badass and cold towards others. Of course, when Satel, Rutan, or the crew enters the picture, she’s almost a completely different person. Needless to say, what little I did write so far was enough for me to want to take a break on the lighter romantic side.

Anyway, once my connection is officially fixed and not cutting off again, I do plan on replying to some of the reviews I’ve gotten on both stories. Thank you so much for everyone who has reviewed- they really did give me warm fuzzies and happiness, so thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀

Also, if you’re a fan of the anime Slayers and happen to like crack pairings (in this case Xelloss/Amelia), then check this out I Want to Corrupt You. It’s been forever since I’ve drawn in the pure anime style. 🙂

PASSWORD LINKS – For the Prosperity of Aquor and Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride and The Living Legend

NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS – To view the stories, hover over ‘fanfiction’ or ‘originals’, then over the story you want to read. The chapters should appear beside the title. Each chapter has a link to the next one at the end and if you want to return to the homepage, simply click on the header picture. For any chapters that require a password, you can find the password in the title page of the story.


2 thoughts on “Things to Come

  1. Anonymous says:

    when’s the new one-shot coming out? i can’t waait XD

    • I’m hoping the first chapter will be ready soon. I’m trying to get as much of the story done (which is coming up to four chapters now) first so I can properly lock down the progression of her feelings. At the moment the thoughts I’ve been putting in are a little scattered. But I am working on it, so don’t worry 😀

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