I’m back from my break and I have chapter 23 of The Living Legend up. I finally sorted through the order of the plot points and I’m in the process of finishing off the story- it will end in two more chapters (plus epilogue).

With that said, I do have a few things to say about the next book coming up. During my break, I fell victim to the Hellsing fandom and watched the OVAs (just to hear Crispin Freeman’s sexy voice and evil laugh :D) and read fanfiction. This might come to a surprise for many, but I actually hate vampire related stories with the only exception being the original Dracula, but Hellsing wasn’t too bad, and the fanfiction just overloaded my mind with ideas that could be applied to Tia and Satel’s relationship.

Now, that isn’t to say that I just read some interesting plot and want to copy it- the idea that came to my head was completely unrelated to the reading material, but the context of what I was reading *coughsmutcough* just shaped the context of the thought. I’m not planning to make the romance between the two the central part of the next plot, but something will come up that causes an issue for Tia in addition to her other problems. Just to give a teaser, it’s related to Satel approaching his age milestone of adulthood.

Also, despite my ‘coughing’ back there, I’m not planning to write smut scenes left and right (occasional stand alone one-shots notwithstanding). There’s just going to be quite a bit of UST (unresolved sexual tension) and descriptions that can still be considered clean enough to grace the M rating of fictionpress. I might get close to the border of too much for ‘M’, but my intent is to give reason why a much older, darker, and less innocent Tia would start blushing like her innocent 23-year old self again. With the planned time leap, she should be at the level where nothing about Satel surprises her… at least not until the new ‘development’ manifests 😀

PASSWORD LINKS – For the Prosperity of Aquor and Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride and The Living Legend

NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS – To view the stories, hover over ‘fanfiction’ or ‘originals’, then over the story you want to read. The chapters should appear beside the title. Each chapter has a link to the next one at the end and if you want to return to the homepage, simply click on the header picture. For any chapters that require a password, you can find the password in the title page of the story.


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