Spring Break

Chapter 22 of The Living Legend is up and it features an …unwanted confession within. XD

Anyway, my beta is going to be taking tests all next week and I’m losing focus, so I’m declaring a spring break for this week. I’m getting close to the end of the book, and I need some time to properly decide how everything is going to come together and answer all the questions before the story ends. Since there are a lot of plot points and no particular order to them, the last few chapters can be written in several different ways, but the end will be the same.

But don’t fret with all this talk about the ‘end’. I do have plans for a third book and I’m currently working on a cover art for it. When it’s done, I post a link for everyone to see, and I’ll give a summary of what the next part in the series will be about. This might be the final book, though I might continue to write one-shot short stories after it’s done. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading everyone and I’ll see you in two weeks!

PASSWORD LINKS – For the Prosperity of Aquor and Fatesbane: The Falucite Bride and The Living Legend

NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS – To view the stories, hover over ‘fanfiction’ or ‘originals’, then over the story you want to read. The chapters should appear beside the title. Each chapter has a link to the next one at the end and if you want to return to the homepage, simply click on the header picture. For any chapters that require a password, you can find the password in the title page of the story.


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