So, chapter 21 of The Living Legend is up, and half of it was taken out of the previous chapter to reduce length. In this chapter, it better explains why Tia went after Satel and her afterthoughts of her encounter with the mermaids.

Also, I have a further explanation to the issues that came up with the last chapter. (Taken from the end notes on the fictionpress chapter):

Tia wasn’t mad at the mermaids for ‘forcing’ themselves on her- she didn’t like their confusing words about her father, and there was some inner resentment that they were talking about her like she was nothing, but I didn’t emphasize on that. When I used the word ‘disgust’ I was thinking frustration/annoyance, not ‘that’s sick’. She was annoyed that they were hitting on her, but it’s the same feeling she gets when men do it to her on land. Finally, the actual ‘sick’ disgust she feels isn’t because one of them kisses her, but that the very same mouth was probably once on her father’s genitals.

However, I can’t dispute Tia’s mentality- she DOES have the mind of a rapist, because she was raised by pirates. Don’t forget, these lovable meatheads are also thieves, murderers, and some have forced women. They only respect Tia because of their history and because she was their captain’s daughter. They were the ones who taught her to be ‘clear’ to others and to fight off anyone if she doesn’t want the attention. Yes, some part of it is good advice, but it also ruined her into thinking that it’s the victim’s fault for getting raped- which is a horrible thing to believe.

So yeah, I’m well aware that rape exists no matter the relationship, and despite the fact that she was under the influence, she does have a distorted way of thinking. However, this isn’t real life, and Satel is a fictional creature- his race has no concept of rape, as you’re either mates or you’re not. They rely too heavily on their own instincts, and in normal situations, the intended mate usually doesn’t resist the attraction between them. Basically, even though a human doesn’t have the same instincts as falucite, they do respond well to what is offered to them, and have this feeling that their relationship is ‘right’. This was why Satel was so confused when Tia resisted him in the first book- the girl barely knew what she was feeling and was too inexperienced to understand what was going on. So when she finally came onto him the first time since her drunk episode, he was delighted and thought she was just returning the ‘love’ there.

Even though this dark side of hers only shows up when under the influence, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone (especially not Satel) and will eventually learn that her way of thinking is wrong. With Satel not recognizing her behavior as something bad, it’ll have to be up to the dense one (Tia) to figure it out and talk through it with her ‘sensitivity trainer’ (Lioa). It’s not that surprising to see her fall into her old ‘male’ habits/thinking without Lioa around.

So there’s the story behind it, and I hope no one is too confused over what happened. I’m sorry I didn’t lock down Tia’s reasoning (or lack of) better when posting the last chapter- but this is why I rely on feedback. If there are concerns or questions, I do read them and I do correct myself if there is a mistake. This IS a pretty big story, so even I might mess up sometimes when narrating. 😀

Thanks for the continued support everyone!

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