Growing Up

Which is what Tia’s about to do in chapter 18 of The Living Legend (it’s up now). Behind all that romance, action, and made up mythology/lore is an underlying coming of age type of story where a selfish brat with a terrible upbringing does grow up into something more redeemable. Though yeah, Tia will always have some degree of selfishness in her, but she’ll own up to her mistakes and take responsibility for her actions.

Though a little late in the game, I feel as if I hadn’t really described what I was aiming for when I made her character, though I’m hoping those who have read the entire story up to now do get what I was going for. The ‘Dantia’ of the first book was always intended to be something of a brat with a butt-load of ignorance and misguided anger to boot. I personally never intended to excuse her actions with her past, but to have her work out on her own why she was wrong and to learn from the positive influences in her life. In a way, she kind of represents the ‘misunderstood’ children who just need at least one good person in their life to reform them.

However, since having her reach from ‘brat’ to a ‘slightly more responsible adult’ did take a long time to portray, I can see how some people might mistake her for a Mary Sue. It did seem as if I was trying to ‘justify’ her bad behavior and make her seem like she had a right to do what she did, but no. There is no excuse for how she acted, and she is only realizing that in gradual steps. So if anyone ever had a bad thought about Tia and her behavior, then that’s okay- she’s no hero or saint that needs to be looked up to. Instead, I hope everyone will enjoy her progression as she grows into a …somewhat better person. …Hey, she IS still a pirate after all. XD

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