Sad Day for Texas

The good news is that chapter 7 of The Living Legend is up. I’m also anticipating an unusual update next week because I’m planning an Interlude that might be too entwined with chapter 8. This means I will probably split both chapters and post half of both one week, then the rest the next week over so as not to ruin the moment that will be depicted in the beginning of both chapters.

The bad news (which is more of a personal issue) is that the famous icon of the Texas State Fair, Big Tex, had suffered an electrical short and burned completely up today. Just yesterday, everyone was celebrating his 60th birthday of greeting guests with his friendly ‘Howdy folks!’

Now before you non-Texans start berating us for mourning over an old relic of a moving, speaking doll, none of us really believe that Big Tex was a real person. What he was for us was a physical representation of 60 years of memories. That’s 60 long years affecting the lives of children, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. Will this ‘death’ bring us down? No, but we will miss him like any other person who’s no longer with us.

Next year, Big Tex will come back- he’ll probably have a new face (I hope he looks like Chuck Norris XD), new clothes, and many new points of articulation (so he could do more than just wave), but he won’t be the one we lost. So long Big Tex, rest in peace.

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