Sorry guys, I can’t update for a while. I thought my beta was talking about a much shorter vacation, but she’s actually going to be gone for three weeks and I’m not posting without having my chapters checked. Believe me, I can write stuff that wouldn’t make sense if she doesn’t look through it first.

Also, to add to the bad luck, my Internet connection isn’t reliable at the moment. I think lightning stuck my neighborhood, but after that, the signal has been so bad that it drops every five minutes (or doesn’t work for an entire day). No one will come out and fix that until next week, since there were a lot of places that were also affected by storms. I’m taking advantage of this small opportunity to apologize to everyone for the delay on Fatesbane before I lose the connection yet again.

So- sorry everyone. I’ll try to get things back on track once things get better. Thanks for being patient!



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