Vacation Coming Up

Chapter 19 of Fatesbane is up and I’m getting to the point where I might end the story soon and start a new book. It’s getting pretty long already and there’s at least two other story arcs I have in mind. Of course, I say ‘soon’, but I know I have to tie up loose ends with Dantia’s relationship with Satel before I end it. I won’t know how many chapters that will take until I get there.

Anyway, this week, I’ll be going on a road trip vacation. I’ll continue to write along the way, but I won’t have guaranteed Internet access. And- my beta checker will also be going on a camping trip this coming weekend, so she won’t be able to check my work for a while. There will be an update- just not until we all return from our vacations. But if everything is planned right, there might be two updates within a few days of each other.

Also, I fixed up my drawing of chapter three with better line art [Wasn’t Expecting That…]. Enjoy.


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