A Warning to Plagiarizers

It may be an old fanstory, but touch my stuff and you’ll regret it! I’m not against people being inspired by the things I have written, but don’t copy my stuff word for word and say it’s yours. Once, a few years back, someone tried to steal my fanfic Aquios High, and I ended up having the person and the entry deleted, then I refused to post the original ending to it. This time it was an old AlNel lemon and it was posted to fanfiction.net where I still lurk everyday.

But I’ve grown older and wiser… or more precisely, older and realistic- if I find someone copying my works without so much as consulting me, then I will have you deleted from the site and all your stories removed. But this time, I’m not quitting or hiding what was stolen. I know there will always be some kid out there that doesn’t know any better and they probably didn’t think their actions would hurt anyone, especially themselves. But I’m not going to just let them get away with the crime, either. If you want use one of my ideas TALK TO ME FIRST! I’m pretty agreeable and open to most compromises.

So SophiaAndAlbel4Ever, if you’re reading- again, I’m not against Alphia and I’m only sorry for whatever stories you lost that were actually yours (if any at all), but you deserved what happened to you and I hope you’ve learned from it. Ask the original author first! It’s not that hard to contact me- in fact, it was easy for all of my readers to find me when they wanted to tell me about you.

Incidentally, I want to thank all of my readers from the fanfiction fandoms for keeping an eye out and informing me when things like this happen. It’s people like you that keeps a writer writing. Thank you very much.

Also… Chapter 18 of Fatesbane is up. šŸ˜€



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