The Next Chapters

I have Interlude III and chapter 15 of Fatesbane up and I also have all revisions from chapters 1-6 + Interlude I up as well.

Again, I’ll be nice and post the link to the title page of Fatesbane so those mature enough can read chapter 14 – Fatesbane Title Page

And for those looking for the Prosperity of Aquor password (it works on all adult chapters) here is the title page to that – Aquor Title Page

Remember, the passwords are up to protect ME from disgruntled parents or young readers itching for a fight. I personally believe that if someone thinks they are mature enough to read adult content, then they can. This system is to show that it’s your choice to read and that I’m not forcing anyone. Also, I doubt I’ll write anything that would corrupt a mind. A lot of this is pretty tame. 😀


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