For this week…

I do not have the ending chapter for Aquor done yet. It’s been a rather slow progress and I feel it would be better if I took my time on this. I guess some part of me doesn’t want the story to end, but it will end. I’m aiming to finish by the weekend and perhaps have the epilogue done before next Wednesday.

I do have chapter 9 of Fatesbane up and it’s been corrected so there should be no major errors. There is a second Interlude in the beta’s queue that won’t be out for a while and I’m slowly working on chapter 10 along with a revision of the older chapters. I’m trying to add more description to the settings and characters so that readers will have a better picture in their minds. So far only chapter one is revised and will be posted here as well. Aquor takes priority over this story, so updates will still be slow for a few weeks longer.


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