Believe it or not, the next chapter of Aquor was done on time- the problem was that my beta was going through midterms and still hadn’t gotten the chance to read and find errors. So I’m going to go ahead and post chapter 3o as is and put up a corrected version later. Please forgive all errors you find.

Additionally, is currently going through a massive code rewrite to clean up the site and shake an even sturdier iron fist against the minors. Until they’re done with that, it seems everything will be in read only mode, meaning that I won’t be able to update there for a while.

Fatesbane’s next chapter is done as well, but I’ll wait on the beta for that. Unfortunately, now I’m having a writing issue with it because I’ve gotten a review recently about how they ‘couldn’t believe the main character’. For some reason the person thought the ‘show-don’t tell’ rule applied to novels (which it doesn’t- it’s a rule exclusive to scriptwriting) and thought Dantia was a Mary-Sue because she would narrate one (narcissistically positive) thing about herself, but then act in a manner that goes against it. This is written in first person, so naturally a character would see themselves differently, but not realize how much of a hypocrite they are (unless they start listening to the other characters around them).

To be honest, I really thought it was obvious to everyone that Dantia was arrogant and a hypocrite, but someone was either swindled by her narration to think she was supposed be portrayed as a moral character (which is funny because there’s no such thing as a moral pirate) or they jumped the gun and made assumptions without really reading the story. The only thing borderline Mary-Sue about Danita is her looks, but only two people genuinely love her and the rest that fall ‘in love’ with her are shallow people who want pretty faces. Everyone else (excluding the two) with some sense quickly pick up her hateful outlook and attack back.


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