It must be the weather- or it could be tax season and I need to focus on filling out the forms for my company, but I’m getting really distracted. Chapter 28 of Aquor is out now and I barely managed to focus long enough to finish it. That doesn’t mean I’m quitting or anything, but next week’s submission might be a little late.

I like having a predictable update day, but I might switch to a ‘update when ever I get it done’ sort of thing if this keeps up. That might make it difficult for you guys to know when it’s been updated, but at least I can guarantee there will be an update.

I haven’t got much done on ‘Fatesbane’ either, but that one is already in a ‘update when possible’ status.

Well, there is some good news. I made muffins. Lots of them. Lemon poppy, banana nut, and blueberry.


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