Short Vacation

After the fiasco of having to move all of the chapters here, I still have other problems that are holding me back from finishing the next chapter of Aquor in time. My brother is having trouble with a certain famous bank and they’re trying to take away his house. Most of my time is spent trying to help give him money through my corporation or find him a lawyer that can delay his foreclosure and help him save up money so he can buy a new house.

His issue shouldn’t take long as he has a rapidly approaching deadline for all of this. So I’ll take this week off and finish the chapter at my leisure and then I’ll update the next Sunday over. Sorry about this, but I do promise there will be an update.


2 thoughts on “Short Vacation

  1. Skyraptor66 says:

    Damn. Well I hope things work out okay. I’ll be preoccupied until Saturday for imperative family matters anyways, so I guess we’ll both be taking “vacations” for a week. :p

    • I think it’ll be okay. He’s got enough money now to get current. The question is ‘Will they take it?’. The bank has been known to go back on its word, but at least we live in one of the ‘deadbeat’ states. If they don’t honor it, we have ways of screwing them over and they can’t retaliate- at least they can’t do anything that would be profitable for them. They would lose more money if they refuse my brother now.

      Still- I feel really guilty about this vacation. Especially seeing as I left the story in the middle of a mystery over Nel’s condition.

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